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Kenya’s Policy Dilemma in Perspective

By Sitati Wasilwa If nearly all the socio-economic policies that have been formulated in Kenya […]

What is in Store for Kenya’s Economy in 2017?

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Contextualizing Kenya’s Food Security Situation

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The Kenya-Tanzania Relationship in Perspective

By Sitati Wasilwa The visit by Tanzanian President Dr. Pombe Magufuli in Kenya three weeks […]

Africa’s Economic Take-Off Dependent on the Manufacturing Sector

By Sitati Wasilwa “To sum up, the African pattern of structural change is very different […]

The Hegemony, Imperialism and Chicanery of Western States

By Sitati Wasilwa The post-World War 2 period, the era of the dawn of independence […]

The “Oromia Question” A Reflection of Ethiopia’s Misgovernance

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Is Africa Rising, Diverging Or Stagnating?

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The Divergence & Sustainability Doubts of Africa’s Economic Growth

 By Sitati Wasilwa   The October issue of the Africa Pulse report, a publication of […]

Of the Current Scramble for Africa: Is the Continent’s Future Mortgaged?

By Sitati Wasilwa What were the imaginations and visions of the African leaders about the […]