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Shaping Democracy with the Youthful voice in Leadership

As the most progressive ideology in the human history, democracy has its fundamental characteristic as […]

Enhancing Women’s Capacity Key to Development

By Sitati Wasilwa The Agenda 2063 formulated in 2013 and the Agenda for 2030 on […]

How Africa is abetting the South Sudanese Genocide

By Ooko Victor South Africa and Burundi are well on their way out of the […]

Of Cartelism, Mandevilleanism and the Era of Robber Barons

By Sitati Wasilwa It is turning out that the vice of corruption and its associated […]

Graft Theater: Contextualizing Kenya’s Fight Against Corruption

By Ooko Victor Kenya was ranked position 139 out of a total 168 states in […]

Women Empowerment: Strides vs Barriers

By Ooko Victor Thursday 13th of October marks an important day in the World. Today, […]

Decision 2017 Not all about the Money

By Ooko Victor 15 Billion: the legally sanctioned upper limit for campaign funds for a […]

Breakdown in Communication a key factor in School Fires

Indiscipline among students, poor administration, shortage of facilities and other teaching and learning resources; the […]

Knowledge: Why the Kenyan Youth avoid Information

While conducting a Leadership and Management Training for Youth Groups last week, one thing emerged […]

The Kenyan voter should stop being a slave of an ethnic community and become a master of a political ideology.

Bryan Caplan in his book ‘The Myth of a Rational Voter’ alludes to the influences […]